Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Planned Parenthood Regina provides the high quality information, resources, support and educational services to the community. We make a difference in our community. Fast Facts….

 We’ve been around for over 30 years. PPR is a not-for-profit community organization, and registered charity that provides accessible, confidential contraceptive and sexual health programs and services.

We improve lives. We are strategically positioned to PREVENT negative health outcomes for women, youth, men, LGBTQ and others seeking reproductive/sexual health services.

We strive for excellence in client care. In July 2017, we received the esteemed designation, Rapid Access IUD Center of Excellence. This title is given to clinics that meet standards for expert intra-uterine device (IUD) insertion, have shortened wait times; accept self-referrals; are a training centre; are commitment to quality of care; and provide access to emergency contraception.

We are a supportive role to public health services by providing a number of treatments and services to reduce unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  In 2016:

  • the nurse educator provided 11,203 services including: emergency contraception; pregnancy tests; STI checks; contraceptive depot injections; Hepatitis C testing, HPV vaccination; STI follow-up; and counselling.
  • the nurse practitioner provided 2,781 services including: pap checks; birth control starts; prescriptions; IUD consults/inserts/removals; swabs; bloodwork; depo shots; and Gardasil injections.
  • The physicians provided care to 1,948 clients for a wide variety of services.

We answer misconceptions and give the facts.  Our programs provide reproductive/sexual health education to youth in a number of schools, agencies, services and organizations.

We are well established and trusted. The demand for our services continues to grow. See our annual report. We are undertaking a strategic review and have plans to address our wait list.

We provide outreach services. Regular services are offered at the University of Regina and Balfour Collegiate.

We prevent a lot of unwanted pregnancies and illness.  PPR generally purchases about 30,000 condoms per year for sale and distribution. We sell birth control at a very low cost that makes it affordable and accessible.

We are empowering youth to maintain wellness. In May 2017, we began a 5-year project with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to reduce new HIV and Hepatitis C infections through a combination of prevention interventions focused on youth ages 12 – 19.

We greatly appreciate your support. Support can come in many ways. You can be an advocate for us, volunteer to help out or make a small donation. Everything helps!

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