Meet the Staff and Board

Meet the Staff and Board

Meet our Planned Parenthood Team

Executive Director, Shelley Svedahl

Shelley joined the PPR team in April of 2017. Shelley is passionate about building and sustaining relationships, and to that end has conducted research on the use of Storytelling to build engagement. She looks forward to collaborating with other health care providers to create improved sexual health clinic services and education programs in the community.

Over the years, Shelley has worked as: an Executive Director of two provincial sport governing bodies; a Consultant for the First Nations University of Canada; a Health Promotion Consultant for the Ministry of Health; and a Manager of closed circuit satellite network for the Saskatchewan Communications Network. Prior to joining PPR, she was Manager of Communications & Public Relations for the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.

Shelley has a Master of Arts, Communication & Leadership, from Gonzaga University, a Bachelor of Arts degree with Bilingual Mention from the University of Regina, and a two-year Diploma in Recreation Technology from SIAST.

Office Manager, Jacqui

Jacqui joined the team at PPR in January of 2011. Jacqui is the kind and caring voice you will hear when you call to book an appointment. When you enter the building, count on a warm and friendly welcome from the Office Manager. Although she is busy managing the office, scheduling appointments, or handling sales, she will always make time for you.

Office Assistant, Kathrine

Kathrine handles the office on Thursday evenings and Saturdays. We know those extended hours are important to you, and you can bet Kathrine will take good care of you if you call or come by.

Head Physician, Dr. Deb

Under the watchful eye of Dr. Deb, Planned Parenthood Regina continues to provide responsive, timely, accessible, confidential care to our clients. Dr. Deb has expertise in sexual health, and is always willing to provide thorough information about her practice, so you understand what’s happening. In June, 2017, Dr. Deb was successful in receiving RAICE (Rapid Access IUC Centre of Excellence) designation for Planned Parenthood Regina. PPR is now recognized as an IUD Centre of Excellence.

Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Scollan

Amanda joined PPR in November. We are thrilled to have the only master’s prepared, women’s health nurse practitioner in the Prairie provinces here at PPR.  Amanda has almost 20 years experience providing everything from contraceptive care to prenatal and intrapartum care to menopause management. She joined the team at Planned Parenthood Regina because she firmly believes that this is where she can do the most good for the women of our community.

Registered Nurse, Jen

Jen is the lead RN on staff at PPR. Joining the organization in 2000, Jen has been instrumental in shaping the vision for the services offered at PPR. In addition to working with clients at the PPR office, Jen also lends a hand at the Shirley Schneider Centre to provide nurse services to the teen moms at the school. Chances are if you receive a follow-up call from an RN at PPR, you’ve had a chance to speak with Jen.

We couldn’t operate our clinic without the many casual nurses and physicians who come to help us out with Thursday and Saturday clinics.

Our casual RNs include: Vicki S, RN; Sarah B, RN; and Casey B, RN

Director, Clinical & Education Services, Barbara Fitz-Gerald, RN, MN

Barb Fitz-Gerald joins the PPR team in January, 2018. She has over 27 years experience as an RN with  the last 5 years in a senior leadership position. During the last 11 years she has worked in regulation, with a focus on policy development, project management, program evaluation, short term and long-term goal setting. She has an extensive understanding of the broad picture of health, and her approach to working at PPR is to look at our services in the context of holistic health.

Her Masters in Nursing with a focus on the Canadian Health system and national policy: community health development and primary care, program evaluation is a tremendous asset to PPR.  Barb’s background in women¹s health includes well-baby visits, vaccinations, working in public health specifically on STI management, follow-up, and HIV education. Barb has also has worked in acute care and community mental health.

Planned Parenthood Regina Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who govern the activities of the non-profit organization, Planned Parenthood Regina. Individuals come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, who are interested in helping PPR achieve our vision.

Board members serve a term of three years, with an option to renew their commitment for a second term.

Commitment includes two hours per month for meetings, preparation, and consultation, in addition to attendance at regular board meetings. There are a minimum of four board meetings per year, plus the annual general meeting, and a strategic planning session.

Board members are responsible for the effective governance of the organization consistent with the vision, mission, strategic plan, and core values.

Board members have no authority to act individually in the direction of staff and volunteers, or to act as spokesman for the organization, unless specifically given that authority by the Board.

Qualifications include:
• Commitment to Planned Parenthood Regina’s vision, mission, and strategic direction.
• Knowledge of or interest in sexual health and reproductive rights.
• Availability and willingness to fulfill Board member duties.
• Openness to learning.
• Ability to work as a team.

2016/17 PPR Board of Directors

Dr. Michelle McCarron, President
Carly Romanow
Lorne Gill
Faye Matt
Wendy Watts
Erica Greta
Hillary Lerat