Our Story

Our Story

Started in 1986, Planned Parenthood Regina is a not-for-profit community organization, and registered charity. We are affiliated with Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights.

Mission Statement:

Planned Parenthood Regina provides accessible, confidential contraceptive and sexual health programs and services to the Regina community with a priority focus on youth.

Care Philosophy:

We believe:
• All people have the right to make informed sexual health choices
• All people requesting any service at Planned Parenthood Regina should be treated with respect and understanding so that their integrity, dignity and self respect will be maintained
• People need to be educated in order to clarify what they want and need rather than what they have been socialized to expect
• The primary function of our clinical service is to raise the level of wellness of people through health education and services
• In open and ongoing communications with our clients, their significant others and health care professionals in our clinic
• In utilizing community facilities/agencies that are intended to enhance our client’s health

Vision: Planned Parenthood Regina envisions a community that celebrates healthy sexuality and its diversity of expression. Where all contraceptive and pregnancy choices are fully respected and human rights are upheld.


Leadership, expertise & innovation

• We embrace and drive change, pursuing growth and learning while providing leadership and expertise in contraceptive & sexual health issues.
• We are creative and determined, providing innovative, high-quality programs and services for the community we serve.

Client Centered Approach

We build open and honest relationships with our clientele and the community we serve.
• We are committed to promoting sex positive healthy choices and providing resources for wellbeing. We believe that consensual sexual activity and its diversity of expression are recognized as healthy and pleasurable. In addition, that safer sex and sex education are key components of sexual health.
• We ensure confidentiality, respect personal values, and provide the time and compassion to help clients manage their sexual health and contraceptive needs.

Advocates for change

• Finally, we are advocates for positive sexual health change at both an individual level and systemic level.

The above values form a foundation for EXCELLENCE for which we strive


Planned Parenthood Regina acknowledges the need to collaborate with our partner agencies.

Thank you

Family Medicine Unit; Regina Women’s Health Clinic; Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region; Public Health Agency of Canada; Ministry of Health; Community Initiatives Fund; Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Family Service Regina; Cornwall Alternative School; Street Culture; Thompson School; and Kids First.

We foster a learning environment by facilitating students/practicum placements from medicine, nursing, social work and the Arts.

We have hosted in-services for our nurses to ensure we have the latest standards of practice. We seek out, enhance and change as needed to better respond to our clients’ needs and work toward excellence on our field.

What We Do Matters

The number of people seeking medical assistance continues to rise, and Planned Parenthood Regina is not always able to schedule everyone who comes to our clinic.

In 2016 physicians provided over 870 hours of clinical services to nearly 2000 clients, including 189 hours provided free from the Family Medicine Unit. The total of number of clients seen in 2015 was 1107.

Planned Parenthood Regina provides timely, safe, confidential health services for women resulting in prevention of possible costly services for the health care system, including terminations, pregnancy-related complications, deliveries, HIV and HepC treatments, complications from undiagnosed HIV, Hepatitis C sexually transmitted infection-related visits to hospitals, fetal alcohol syndrome costs, foster family costs, and emotional support/counselling.

Planned Parenthood Regina fills the gap for the limited services for women’s health in general. Many of our clients are referred to the PPR clinic for services their health care provider doesn’t provide, such as pap smears, contraception, intrauterine devices, bump checks, and vaginal infections. Although our services are geared to the population between ages twelve and twenty-nine, many of our clients are mature women who need a pap check, pelvic examination, or IUD insertion or removal, who are unwilling to wait for up to eight months to see a health care professional willing to provide those services. With inadequate follow-up related to abnormal cervical lesions, more clients are at risk of ending up with a hospital stay.