What we offer

Planned Parenthood Regina is currently offering a twelve-hour youth program in partnership with local community organizations. The program aims to increase sexual health knowledge and condom use among those at risk in our community. If your community organization is interested in hosting a group, or if you would like to know how youth can access a group please contact

Planned Parenthood Regina also offers a variety of workshops ranging from 1 to 3 hours. These include:

  • Birds and the Bees – appropriate for youth at 12 to 15
  • Sexual Health 101 – for those that are 16 and older
  • Consent, Creating a Culture – appropriate for all age groups
  • Educating the Educator – appropriate for those who work with youth

If you are interested in booking a presentation please complete the presentation request form, or email

If you don’t see the topic or presentation you are interested in, please contact