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It’s time for a reality cheque! We are asking our female community to come together and raise funds to support a much needed and worthy cause, Planned Parenthood Regina. We are looking for 100 women to accept the challenge of raising $1000 in 30 days!

Let’s have a frank discussion about sexual health. The number of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses in Canada is on the rise, and Saskatchewan has one of the highest rates. Planned Parenthood exists to prevent unplanned pregnancies with a focus on prevention not intervention.

In 2016 there were 1800 occasions on which someone was turned away because there was no physician or RN available. This represents an increase of 500 people in just one year, and the stats for 2017 show the demand is increasing.

PPR relocated to a new facility, and expanded our number of exam rooms. We’re taking big steps to try to accommodate the needs of our community; but we can’t do it alone.

We regularly receive calls from parents requesting information about “How to talk to your kids about sexual health issues” and we know we have the expertise to provide that information. With added financial resources we can make that service available to our community.

We’ve taken the first step to address the growing need. Now we need to expand our resources so we can respond to the increased demand.

Planned Parenthood Regina fills the gap for the limited services for women’s health in general. Many of our clients are referred to the PPR clinic for services their healthcare provider doesn’t provide. We hope that our new location will allow us to expand our clinical services, and we hope that our fundraising initiative will help us extend our reach.

With a concentrated effort we are calling on 100 women in our community to join the movement and up the challenge of raising $1000 each. Together we can change the conversation, and move forward to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and control sexually transmitted infection in our community.

Women – together, we can do this. It’s about empowerment and responding to a need in our community. We invite you to join the movement, and accept the challenge of raising $1000. If you are interested please click on the link below.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD REGINA INC – It’s Time for a Reality Cheque – 100 Women Movement – CanadaHelps