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COVID-19 Updates & Precautions

June 11, 2020

Moving forward our hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

We are unable to accommodate walk-ins. Please call ahead to make arrangements for services with our receptionist.

Services currently available include:

  • Birth control and emergency contraception* sales using curbside pickup
  • Phone consults for prescriptions
  • Depo Provera injections
  • Virtual information sessions with our educator
  • Pap smears and IUD insertions
  • Options counselling over the phone

*A phone consult with a nurse is required to purchase Plan B or Ella. Read more! “COVID-19 Updates & Precautions”

Why is a person told not to smoke pot for 36 hours after a surgical termination?

Currently, many doctors recommend to avoid smoking (marijuana or cigarettes) after surgery because it may cause more bleeding, increase the risk of infection, and take longer to heal. While many people may use marijuana to manage pain, research on the effects of marijuana use in the medical field is still limited. It’s also possible that marijuana may interact with the anesthetic (drugs used during surgery) so doctors advise being cautious.

Can I have an abortion at 26 weeks?

Not in Saskatchewan. Abortion services are typically offered up to 14 weeks of pregnancy in Regina. Terminations in the 15th to 18th week depend on the doctors available and anything over that would likely be referred out of province. Contact the Women’s Health Centre in the Regina General Hospital at 306-766-0586 for more information about your options.

Is spotting before your period normal?

Spotting can be caused by many different things. It might be a side effect of starting birth control or missing a dose. It could be a symptom of an STI. To tell if it’s normal or not, it’s best to call us and ask to speak to a nurse or book in for an appointment.