Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs)

We are a member of RAICE (Rapid Access IUD Centres of Excellence). RAICE is a network of clinic and health care providers who are experts in IUD insertion and care.

Getting an IUD at Planned Parenthood Regina requires two appointments–first, a 30-minute phone consult with our nurse (to get instructions and a prescription for your IUD) and after you’ve had the consult, you can schedule a 60-minute insertion.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Naloxone training webinar with opioid educator Mel Burdon (she/her) from AIDS Programs South Sask and URPride’s former queer counsellor, Celeste Seiferling, RSW (she/her).

Click here for Mel’s slides: Naloxone Training and Harm Reduction Services in Regina.

Click here for Celeste and Taryn’s slides: Increasing Sexual Safety, Fun, and Pleasure for 2SLGBTQ+ Folks. Read more! “Sex & Substances – Harm Reduction Webinar with APSS & Celeste Seiferling”