We don’t but our nurse practitioners and physicians can give you a referral to a gynecologist who can.

It depends! The skin on the genitals can look a little bumpy because of the hair follicles. If you shave or wax your pubic hair, you may have ingrown hairs which would look like pimples. Some sexually transmitted infections may cause bumps and sores. Molluscum contagiosum is a bumpy skin infection that can also be transmitted sexually. It’s a good idea to get a doctor or nurse practitioner to have a look, just in case.

We do not. In Saskatchewan, mifegymiso (the abortion pill) is covered with your health card but needs to be prescribed by a doctor. Many doctors are unwilling to prescribe it. If you are considering mifegymiso, contact the Women’s Health Centre in the General Hospital at (306) 766-0586 as soon as possible because the pill can only be taken up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

A cervix may be bruised during deep penetration. Some people may be more likely to experience cervical bruising based on the length of their vaginal canal, the angle of their cervix, the size of their partner’s penis, and the sexual position used. The vaginal canal lengthens during arousal, so it’s less likely to be bumped or bruised during penetration. Read more! “Can cervical bruising occur regularly?”

Yes, we do. Click our “Services” tab and then click “Birth Control” to see our list of options and their prices.

Our doctors and nurse practitioners are unable to offer prenatal care but can give you a referral to someone who does.

There are a few clinics in the city who may offer prenatal care to people who don’t have a family doctor:

Meadow Primary Health Care Centre (306) 766-6399

Four Directions Community Health Centre (306) 766-0200

YQR Women’s Clinic (306) 522-2229

At Planned Parenthood Regina, you do not. We prefer that you have your health card number but can issue you a temporary one so that you can still access our services.

To purchase Plan B from pharmacies in Saskatchewan, a health card is required.


Some bleeding and cramping can be normal but we suggest you call into our office to speak to the nurse.

Yes. We offer free walk-in pregnancy testing. You might have to wait for our nurse to assist you in between their scheduled appointments.

The most common side effects of birth control would be bleeding and spotting, bloating, mood swings, nausea, breast tenderness and headaches. These symptoms can take up to 3 months to go away.

It is important to find the birth control that feels the best for your body. If you have encountered uncomfortable side effects, talk to us! We can help you find what works for you.