It could mean that treatment failed or that you were re-infected. You might need another round of antibiotics, possibly with a different kind. After treatment, any sexual activity should be avoided for 7 days to avoid re-infection. Sometimes partners pass infections back and forth if they aren’t both treated at the same time, even if they are using condoms. Read more! “What does it mean if you get treatment for chlamydia or gonorrhea and then your symptoms come back?”

We do not carry or sell mifegymiso, the abortion pill, and many pharmacies don’t carry it either. The pill can cost $350-400 but is covered (free) through your Sask Health Insurance. In Regina, abortion services are offered at the Women’s Health Centre in the General Hospital. You can call them to find out more and reach out to us if you need extra emotional support through the process.

You have the right to health care services that are private and confidential, including pregnancy termination. In Canada, anyone over the age of 12 can legally have an abortion in a hospital without the permission of their parents, partner, or family doctor. Abortion services are offered in Regina through the Women’s Health Centre at the General Hospital. Read more! “If someone needs an abortion, can you help out so their parents don’t find out?”

It’s hard to say. Missed periods could be due to pregnancy or something called post-pill amenorrhea, where it takes your body awhile to return to normal hormone production. Please contact your family doctor or call us to talk to a nurse practitioner.

No. But it is possible to experience vaginal bleeding or “spotting” while pregnant. If you’re experiencing other symptoms that are concerning, contact your doctor or call us and ask to speak with our nurse.

Plan B can be very effective at preventing pregnancy, especially when taken as soon as possible, so your chances of avoiding pregnancy are good. Taking the pill within the same hour everyday makes it most effective so an app or alarm on your phone are good reminders. Using condoms as well would make pregnancy very unlikely and protect you from most STIs. Read more! “I forgot to take my birth control pill on time for a few days and had sex, then took Plan B the next day. Am I safe?”

If you get your prescription from us, contact us through Facebook Messenger because we are not in the office to answer phones. We will do our best to reply to you Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Otherwise, call the doctor or clinic where you got your prescription from and ask if they can write you a new one and fax it to a pharmacy. Many pharmacists in Saskatchewan can offer an emergency pack (1-month supply) or can write you a new prescription under certain conditions. Read more! “Where else can I easily get birth control if you’re closed for two weeks?”

If you are already pregnant, Plan B will not end the pregnancy because it is not an abortion pill.

Plan B is a pill that can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected penis-in-vagina sex to prevent pregnancy from happening. It is the most effective when taken as soon as possible.

Mifegymiso is the abortion pill that can be taken up to nine weeks of pregnancy. Read more! “If I think I’m pregnant, can I take Plan B to end the pregnancy?”

We do not have an ultrasound machine or technician in our clinic. Ultrasounds are free with your Saskatchewan Health Services card. A doctor or nurse practitioner will have to give you a referral to get an ultrasound at one of the medical imaging centres in the city. You can contact us, a family doctor or walk-in clinic to request one.


There could be many reasons, so it’s best to ask a healthcare provider, like a family doctor or one of our practitioners.

Not all reasons are a cause for concern, it could be a common side effect of having an IUD or being on hormonal birth control.

Tracking your period and symptoms on your calendar or using an app can help give your healthcare provider helpful information when you see them. Read more! “Why has my period lasted more than two weeks?”