We do not have an ultrasound machine or technician in our clinic. Ultrasounds are free with your Saskatchewan Health Services card. A doctor or nurse practitioner will have to give you a referral to get an ultrasound at one of the medical imaging centres in the city. You can contact us, a family doctor or walk-in clinic to request one.

***We are currently closed until April 14th, 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so please contact us through  Facebook Messenger if you need assistance. Read more! “Do you do free ultrasounds?”

There could be many reasons, so it’s best to ask a healthcare provider, like a family doctor or one of our practitioners.

Not all reasons are a cause for concern, it could be a common side effect of having an IUD or being on hormonal birth control.

Tracking your period and symptoms on your calendar or using an app can help give your healthcare provider helpful information when you see them. Read more! “Why has my period lasted more than two weeks?”

Birth control pills are said to be 99.7% effective with perfect use (using them around the same time every day). If your partner has forgotten to take them recently, it would be a good idea to get Plan B.  Otherwise, your chances of pregnancy are incredibly low and you shouldn’t need Plan B.

If you are unsure, you can always give us a call and ask to speak with a nurse. Read more! “I had sex with my girlfriend and the condom broke but she’s on the pill. Do we need Plan B?”

No, we don’t. We have a social worker who is trauma-aware and offers support for issues related to sexual health (like pregnancy options, stress after a positive STI diagnosis, relationship issues, sexual assault, etc.). Due to demand, she can only offer 4 to 6 sessions and can’t provide long-term counselling. If you need help finding a therapist, she could try to help you find one. Read more! “Do you offer trauma therapy?”

An IUD can be inserted at any time but we must be certain that a person is not pregnant. This means that there has been no unprotected penis-in-vagina sex the week before insertion, a reliable method of birth control has been used consistently, and there has been no missed period. Before an insert, we get a urine sample to test for pregnancy.

Our practitioners recommend trying to schedule the insertion during a person’s period because their cervix is likely to be dilated (open), making insertion easier and more comfortable, but it’s not necessary. Read more! “When is the best time to have an IUD inserted?”

We do not have an ultrasound machine or technician in our clinic, but our practitioners can order an ultrasound for you. Our social worker provides pregnancy options counselling and can help arrange the ultrasound appointment at one of the medical imaging centres in Regina, while supporting you through the process. Contact us to get in touch with her.

Yes! It could be blood that was slow to leave the uterus.

If you are concerned or notice any other symptoms, give us a call and ask to speak to one of our nurses. They may need more information to figure out the cause.


Currently, many doctors recommend to avoid smoking (marijuana or cigarettes) after surgery because it may cause more bleeding, increase the risk of infection, and take longer to heal. While many people may use marijuana to manage pain, research on the effects of marijuana use in the medical field is still limited. It’s also possible that marijuana may interact with the anesthetic (drugs used during surgery) so doctors advise being cautious.

Your appointment is private and confidential. You do not need a parent or guardian to access our services.

We sell Plan B for $15 (click here for our birth control prices). Our clinic is youth-friendly so we will sell it to anyone who needs it, at any age. You don’t need a parent or guardian with you.