Birth control sales are now being offered over the phone to avoid contact.

Unfortunately, no walk-ins are allowed due to COVID-19.

To set up a sale:

  • Call the clinic to ask for birth control sales
  • You can typically purchase up to a 4-month supply 
  • Payment must be arranged over the phone (either e-transfer or credit card)
  • Schedule a time for pick up (Monday to Friday from 9am – noon & 1 – 5pm)
  • Arrive at the clinic
    • Stay in your vehicle & call us
    • Your prescription & receipt will be placed in a bag with your name on it & put in a basket outside the front door

To purchase birth control from us, you must have a prescription on file that has not expired.

If you need a new prescription, call us to set up a phone appointment with our nurse. We may be booking 1-3 weeks ahead.

You can also call your family doctor, pharmacist, or go to a walk-in clinic to request a new prescription and ask them to fax your prescription to 306-522-8860.

Emergency contraception (Plan B or Ella) requires a phone appointment with our nurse so please call us ASAP.