We do not have an ultrasound machine or technician in our clinic. Ultrasounds are free with your Saskatchewan Health Services card. A doctor or nurse practitioner will have to give you a referral to get an ultrasound at one of the medical imaging centres in the city. You can contact us, a family doctor or walk-in clinic to request one.

Our social worker provides pregnancy options counselling and can help arrange the ultrasound appointment while supporting you through the process. Call us or email Daphne at sw.ppr@sasktel.net.

***We are currently closed until April 6th, 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so please contact us through the email addresses on this site or on Facebook Messenger if you need assistance. Many services in the community are limited to prevent exposure to the virus and slow the spread, so it’s best to call 811, your family doctor, or a walk-in clinic to see what services they can provide at this time.