Thank you to everyone who attended our Naloxone training webinar with opioid educator Mel Burdon (she/her) from AIDS Programs South Sask and URPride’s former queer counsellor, Celeste Seiferling, RSW (she/her).

Click here for Mel’s slides: Naloxone Training and Harm Reduction Services in Regina.

Click here for Celeste and Taryn’s slides: Increasing Sexual Safety, Fun, and Pleasure for 2SLGBTQ+ Folks.

For more information on sexual health for 2SLGBTQ+ folks or if you need assistance with booking an appointment, contact or call the clinic. OUTSaskatoon has created amazing booklets you can view online here.

Wherever you are at, you deserve to feel good in your body and your relationships without fear, shame, or judgment. Seeking support is a sign of strength.