Pregnancy Services

We offer:

  • Free walk-in pregnancy testing (our nurse will fit you in between their scheduled appointments)
  • Counselling for unplanned pregnancy options
  • Referrals for an OBGYN and clinics that can offer prenatal care

After a positive pregnancy test, you can book an appointment with our social worker to discuss your options. You deserve emotional support and accurate information so you can make the decision that’s best for you.  We support you and your choice.

Taking a Pregnancy Test

Urine tests usually detect pregnancy from the first day of a missed period, so it’s recommended that you take the test after you have already missed a period or three weeks after unprotected sex.

If the test result is negative (not pregnant) but you still suspect that you might be, wait a week and repeat the test to be sure. A negative test could mean that the test was done too early or the urine wasn’t concentrated enough.

Another way to detect pregnancy is through a blood test, which we can’t perform in our clinic but we can give you a requisition form to take to a lab for blood testing. Pregnancy tests can also be done through walk-in clinics and family doctors.

Call us at 306-522-0902 to schedule an appointment.