Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs)

We are a member of RAICE (Rapid Access IUD Centres of Excellence). RAICE is a network of clinic and health care providers who are experts in IUD insertion and care.

Getting an IUD at Planned Parenthood Regina requires two appointments–first, a 30-minute phone consult with our nurse (to get instructions and a prescription for your IUD) and after you’ve had the consult, you can schedule a 60-minute insertion. Even if you already have an IUD prescription from another healthcare provider, our practitioners require a consult with you to go over all of the instructions and information needed so that you receive the best care.

To keep wait times down, we are booking appointments one month at a time. Phone appointments are often available within a few days but might also take 2-4 weeks. In-person appointments for the following month become available for booking on the last Monday of every month until our schedule is full. Sometimes people may have to wait 3 or more weeks to be able to schedule their insertion. Wait times may vary and it may take some folks 4-8 weeks or longer to get an IUD inserted.

Cost depends on which IUD you choose. Hormonal options are $400 and copper IUDs are $100. If you have secondary health benefits (from your employer, a private plan, or NIHB), you can get your IUD prescription faxed to your pharmacy for direct billing. Otherwise, we can give you a receipt to submit to your insurance company. For folks who do not have a health card, we can still offer our services but IUDs must be purchased from us directly.

It’s important to guarantee that there is no chance of pregnancy before an IUD is inserted (unless a copper IUD is being used for emergency contraception). This means that you should continue using another form of birth control up until the insertion (condoms, pills, patch, etc.) or penis-in-vagina sex must be avoided. When you arrive for your insertion, we ask you to pee in a cup for a pregnancy test and to screen for chlamydia or gonorrhea.

(Please note that language about reproductive health is often gendered. PPR affirms that not all folks who get IUDs or have a uterus are women. When you call to book an appointment with us, you can share your pronouns and words you use for your reproductive body parts so we can offer the quality care you deserve.)

For more information about IUDs, watch this video:

How to Get an IUD at Planned Parenthood Regina

This process may take two months or longer, depending on wait times and schedules.

  • First Step

    Call us to schedule IUD Consult

    Share personal information with reception (name, phone #, address, health card #)

    It may take a few tries to reach us if our phones are busy

  • 2-4 Weeks

    Wait for Consult

    Wait times may vary depending on our schedule

    We open up our schedule one month at a time

    Appointments for the following month open up the last Monday of each month

    2-4 Weeks

  • 15-30 Minutes

    IUD Consult

    Phone call with our nurse

    Discuss sexual health history, IUD options, prepare for insertion & get prescription on file or faxed to pharmacy

    Make sure you have another form of birth control while waiting for insertion (at least two months)

  • After Consult

    Book IUD Insertion

    In-person appointments fill up quickly

    May have to wait 4 weeks or more to get in our schedule

    Might have to call us the last Monday of the month to get booked in the following month

    After Consult

  • 4-6 Weeks

    Wait for Insertion

    Prepare for appointment by arranging time off, rides, & support person

    Pick up IUD from pharmacy a few days before insertion or purchase from us the day of

  • 45-60 Minutes

    Insertion Appointment

    Bring IUD or payment method to PPR

    Drink water & have a snack

    Take ibuprofen or naproxen

    Call reception when you arrive

    Pee in cup for pregnancy & STI testing

    45-60 Minutes

  • After Insertion

    Self-Care & Follow-Up

    Use pads or menstrual underwear for the first 24 hours instead of tampons or menstrual cups

    Cramping & spotting for 2-3 days

    Take ibuprofen or naproxen as needed

    Avoid intercourse for 3 days

    Schedule an IUD Check appointment for follow-up (optional)

    Note the expiry date in your schedule for replacement in the future

    Use back-up birth control for 1 week (unless a copper IUD was inserted)