Sexual Health Demo Rental Kit

Enhance your education sessions with our hands-on demos & resources.

Kits can be rented for one week at a time. We request a $40 deposit before pick-up and refund $20 after it is returned in good condition. Non-profit community organizations can get their fee waved by contacting our education coordinator through email ( or calling 306-584-4213 during office hours.

Each kit contains:

  • Large uterus model*
  • Birth control methods (pill, patch, ring, shot, IUDs & Rx)
  • Emergency contraception (Plan B, Ella, copper IUD & pregnancy test)
  • STBBI testing supplies & treatment (urine cup, blood draw tube, swabs, antibiotics & results)
  • Pap smear testing supplies (speculum & swabs)
  • Period hygiene products (pad, tampon & menstrual cup)
  • Barriers (internal & external condoms, dental dams & water-based lube)
  • Resource binder

*can be used to demonstrate anatomy and pap smear testing, as well as how to insert menstrual products, internal condom & nuva ring